iGaming on Mobile Devices – Stats, Future, Trends

    iGaming is becoming an increasingly popular type of gambling entertainment. Quick access to games at any time makes betting on smartphone gaming platforms convenient and increases online casino revenue. Since the development of Internet technologies allow you to connect to the Web almost anywhere in the world, the mobile gambling segment is gaining more and more popularity. Statistics for each region and country depend on how advanced the technology is and what attitudes the state has towards gambling. However, the very same trend is observed in all the continents: more and more people use their mobile phones for gambling. If you want to give a try to mobile gambling and are looking for a decent mobile-friendly casino, CasinoLuck will help you make the right choice. On their platform, you will find a dozen trusted and top-class mobile gambling establishments.

    Current iGaming Stats

    According to analysts, Oceania occupies a leading position when it comes to igaming with 49.2% being the share of mobile platforms in the gambling market. Australia deserves special attention since each resident of the country loses about $1,000 a year. The same can be safely said about New Zealand. And all gambling fans from New Zealand can go to KiwiGambling to find the most up-to-date and unbiased information about NZ mobile casinos.

    In second place is Africa, whose gambling figures are only a few percent lower – 47.9%. Despite the fact that the region is not distinguished by high incomes among residents, smartphones and tablets are practically the only devices for accessing the Internet. The share of the European mobile gambling market is 42.4%. This is the largest market that is constantly evolving and strengthening its position due to the high incomes of European citizens. During the year, the average resident of Europe spends up to $500 in gambling establishments, taking into account that 50% of investments go to mobile casinos.

    The share of the gambling sector in the Asian market is 40.8%. Developers note that the market is growing, and Asian-oriented slots are becoming more and more popular. The list is closed by the USA, whose share is 27.3%. Here, online gambling is officially allowed only in 5 states. Despite the fact that mobile betting is popular in America, the process of obtaining a license is quite complex and lengthy. Therefore, online casinos often operate illegally, which excludes the possibility of attracting players to their mobile sites.

    What Is the Future of iGaming?

    Experts are sure that the share of the mobile gambling market will only grow every year. Many players who previously preferred the offline format of the game are now moving to online or mobile gambling environments. Since casinos even run poker tournaments online, it seems that there is no point in shutting oneself off from technology anymore, especially at a time when online games can save health or even lives.

    Thus, the number of users of mobile gambling entertainment platforms will also grow. After all, smartphones today serve not only as a device for communication in instant messengers but also as a tool to match you with your favorite games.

    Taking into account how quickly the igaming industry develops and how fast the army of mobile gambling fans grows year by year, it is no wonder that this industry will have a bright future. At least, the interesting journey has been mapped out and key igaming trends have been identified.

    #1 – Cryptocurrency

    While bank cards and e-wallets still remain a payment solution for many players, digital coins continue to gain popularity among gamblers. Many give preference to digital currencies due to their anonymity, transaction speed, and exceptional security. This trend is especially beneficial for gamblers who want to keep their identity hidden while betting. In addition, digital coins minimize the risks of hacker attacks and identity theft, which is good for both users and casino owners.

    #2 – Social Gambling

    During the pandemic, many suffer from a severe lack of communication. We miss our gatherings with friends and family, going to parties and concerts. This has led to a boosted interest in socialization when playing gambling games. Luckily, game dev companies continue to bring socialization features to modern mobile casinos and igaming platforms. So you can not only play your favorite games but also send messages, chat at the table, and even communicate with the dealer. This is something that a well-versed casino veteran Mason Barrington, Group 22 Agency gambling analyst for Canada,  recommends to all who feel the lack of interaction in the harsh time of global pandemics.

    #3 – 5G Networks

    5G is definitely the technology of the future, which provides for a more stable and boasts a wider infrastructure. When gambling on your smartphone and using 5G networks, you can rest assured about transfers being trustworthy, coverage being better and lower latency droping to five milliseconds. All things considered, using 5G in mobile ambling platforms is a prominent option. Payment firms will be more willing to offer new features, and more and more gambles will be offered to gambling developers. With 5G, you can forget about looking for Wi-Fi networks nearby to avoid lags or data loss.

    #4 – Live Dealers

    There are many benefits of online gambling – from a limitless variety of games to the highest data security and the ability to play from any location. However, there is one downside: online gambling hardly recreates the atmosphere of a real casino. But this problem can be easily solved with live dealer games. They recreate traditional studios, are run by real dealers, and can help you experience the one-of-the-kind atmosphere of gambling wherever you are.

    #5 – Smartwatch for a Whole New User Experience

    Over the past few years, players have been using cell phones and tablets for online gambling. But smartwatches are predicted to take over the market in 2022. The wearable industry is expected to reach $35 billion by the end of 2022, and gambling will make a significant contribution. Many players prefer to bet on their watches without taking their mobile devices out of their bags or pockets. Just imagine that you can get messages of upcoming tournaments and promos right on your smartwatch, use it to make bets, and even request a cash-out.

    Final Say!

    The igaming industry generates billions of dollars in profits and wins the hearts and minds of billions of gamblers around the globe. This market is full of opportunities and is just a great place to test revolutionary technologies. Therefore, if you want to be at the forefront, look into the mobile gambling market.


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