How Video Game Skills Can Help You Gamble Online

    It’s a scientific fact that video games are good for you. Gaming can improve your mental health and memory skills, aid your hand-eye co-ordination, and – through online gaming with strangers – potentially even help you develop better social skills in both childhood and adulthood. There’s no doubt that gaming as a hobby is as helpful as it is enjoyable.

    One under-represented fact of gaming is that it can actually help you to earn money. Whether it’s esports or gambling, gaming is a great way to develop your skill set and make you some cash. You don’t actually need to be a professional gamer to make money with the hobby, either; sometimes, you just need transferable skills.

    Video games are the perfect way to develop a budding interest in, and talent for, gambling online. We’ve assembled a guide on how video game skills can help you gamble online. Step right this way if you’re looking to master the 10 best videoslots ever, make some cash as a side hustle, or simply flutter with friends.

    Hand-eye co-ordination 

    Many gambling games don’t require you to be quick on the draw, but some do. You’ll still potentially need to be fast with your mouse and keyboard when you’re gambling online, so if you’re a lifelong gamer, you’ll have the edge. Your eyes will be keener, your hands will be quicker, and you’ll be more ready to move when it’s needed.


    It takes a good memory to be able to remember all the different components, logos, and numbers involved in playing videoslots. If you’re someone who plays a lot of different slots and other gambling games online, remembering which is which can be tricky. Since gaming improves your memory, you’ll be better at this than others might.

    Pattern recognition 

    Gaming helps us to develop better pattern recognition skills. Puzzle games like Tetris, Baba Is You, or Portal can show us how to spot patterns in games and how to exploit them for victory. This might not be a foolproof way to win every time, but it’s still a good skill to have when you’re playing videoslots as you’ll start to notice themes and patterns emerging as you play.


    Nothing teaches perseverance like a video game. If you’re dying time and time again in a single-player game, you’re teaching yourself to stick with it no matter the odds. If you’re losing game after game of a multiplayer title, you’re becoming that much more skilled little by little. These are both important things to remember when gambling online.

    Analytical skills

    This one applies mostly to strategy gamers, but there are other games that can improve your analytical skills. You’ll need a strong head for analysis if you’re gambling online; knowing what moves to make and when can be the difference between massive victory and staggering defeat.

    Understanding of luck

    In the end, online gambling does rely at least a little on luck. There are, of course, things you can do to improve your odds and your outlook, but you’ll still need luck. Many video games use RNG (random number generation) to dictate the outcome of certain events, so being used to this aspect of gaming is a definite boon for online gambling.

    Digital savvy

    If you’re a digital native, it means you were born after technology became widespread and easily accessible. This applies to most people who play video games. You’ll be au fait with the technology, so no aspect of the interfaces or processes involved in online gambling will be difficult for you.

    Observational skills

    Just because there’s no physical dealer in online gambling games doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still be observing your fellow players and the game itself. Gaming – especially adventure gaming and multiplayer combat gaming – develops observational skills incredibly well.


    You’ve got to have patience if you want to be a successful gambler. Maybe you’re hitting a losing streak and you just can’t seem to find your stride. Sticking with it and not immediately throwing your hands up in defeat will see you through and possibly mean an even bigger profit down the line.


    This trait is necessary if you want to develop a solid, dependable strategy for online gambling. Thinking situations through and not making snap decisions is crucial to success in this world. There are almost no video games that don’t depend on logic, so you’re sure to be able to transfer this skill.


    “But how does gaming teach good budgeting skills?” I hear you cry. Well, have you ever saved up for a game you know you wanted? Have you ever spent wisely on a sale or held out until a game is cheaper? These are all budgeting skills, and online gambling is a world where money management is incredibly important.


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