How Valuable is Your Time?

    Quantum mathematics, when applied to the formation of the universe, has determined that thankfully none of it is missing. More relevantly that time is infinite, and the universe is without beginning or end. How is this possible? A friendly neighborhood quantum blackhole spat our time-space reality out, and we emerged or were created in said reality.

    As should be no surprise to you, despite the time being infinite and without beginning or end, your mortal coil is neither. Owe how we may wish it were. Some have gone insane in the pursuit of that wish, but for us tragically sane individuals, we’ve come to terms with our mortality or choose to ignore it until we can no longer do so. Whichever works for you.

    Point of the matter though, is even if your time were infinite, the allotment per day, per week, month, and year is not. We can only do so much in such a limited span of time, especially because we need to sleep, eat, and carry out other activities that eat up our precious time. How valuable then is your time?

    Some calculate value monetarily. For instance, if you get paid $10 an hour, then each hour of your time is worth ten dollars. That is difficult to waste, but not impossible or even uncommon to do so. If we’re discussing monetary valuation, then joining a casino is no different. Suppose a casino is only going to offer you access. That would be a waste of your time. If they only match your deposit, they’re essentially thumbing their nose at you.

    Why tolerate such offenses when some casinos offer 300% welcome bonuses. Of course, these bonuses are not immediately paid out, they’re dispensed as you play and enjoy yourself, but it is a respectful use of your time when other institutions don’t even think you’re worthy of a welcome package at all.

    Others calculate time’s value in a more metaphysical manner. If the time spent is not progressing them towards their goals or establishing long-lasting memories that they can cherish and look back upon, then that time is at best not being spent wisely. For these people, time spent making money when they could spend time at their children’s birthday is an immense waste of time.

    By this measurement, a casino not offering a signing bonus is not progressing anything nor creating a meaningful usage of a person’s time. When you’re being paid out a 300% welcome bonus as you relax, that’s when that time is being spent wisely.

    Another group of people determines the value of time by how much can be gained from it. Not entirely in the monetary sense, but time must generate a return they deem useful. For example, a person traveling the path of the swoll, would consider hours spent at the gym to be a worthy investment that grants them a significant return.

    Dating is often categorized along these lines. Time spent with another person building a relationship that will last a lifetime is worthwhile when it produces that result. Tragically it is discovered to be wasted when it doesn’t work out or ends poorly.

    In this sense earning extra money as you relax again demonstrates maximization on a person’s time. After all 300% welcome bonus is greater than none, and as it is paid out over time, it means here and there you are earning more than you otherwise would with a onetime payment.

    Time is infinite, and perhaps we are too. Some fields of quantum mechanics seem to agree with theology on the matter. Yet time can be wasted or squandered in many ways. Don’t waste yours, not with sites that don’t offer a significant bonus.


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