How do matched bonuses work?

    If you are new to online casinos or try for free bingo regularly, you will need to understand the typical bonus structure and how you are incentivised to play with specific brands. This will have a huge impact on determining how much capital you have to play with when you first register with an online firm, as this essentially translates into free gameplay and 100% profit. While welcome packages are extremely transparent and easy to understand, careful thought must be given to deposit match bonuses and how much free gameplay they are likely to generate.

    So how exactly do deposit match bonuses work? Essentially, they incentivise customers to make a deposit and then pledge to match this with a percentage of your initial stake. Usually, operators make them available for first deposits as this encourages plays to register with a specific brand, although they can also be applied to second, third and even later deposits to reward loyal customers who gamble regularly. If this is the case, the percentage rate usually drops from its peak for the first deposit and falls incrementally every time you credit your account.

    In terms of rate, the industry standard for a first deposit match is fixed at 100%. This would essentially double your money, although it is important to note that operators will apply a minimum and a maximum deposit amount to help regulate the cost of such a promotion. Brands who are new to the market may adopt a more aggressive stance, however, with Virgin currently offering a huge 200% deposit match for new customers who wish to play roulette. Some have even been known to offer deposit matches of 400%, although this is extremely rare and tends to bring the maximum deposit threshold down accordingly.

    As gaming trends change and evolve, new titles will be added by online operators nationwide. This recently happened with slot machine games, which suddenly became hugely popular and began to dominate the virtual realm. To help drive the popularity of these games, many brands offered huge deposit match bonuses that were specific to slots to entice players to register.

    This is something to look out for, as brands will often create bonuses or deposit matches that offer slightly better terms and are restricted to specific games. If you are an avid player of roulette ahead of any other game, for example, you should look out for promotions that are available through this experience alone.


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