The Guide to Live Casino Gaming

    By far, one of the biggest innovations in gaming is the internet. The fact that it brings almost everything to your fingertips is both astonishing and wonderful. Initially used for work related data transfer, the internet has now expanded into many types of services and programs. Today, there is absolutely nothing that couldn’t either be found on the internet or can’t be done with an app. Especially, when it comes to gaming. Games can now be played on any device which can connect to the internet.

    The world of gambling is another thing that has expanded itself onto the internet. Gambling in itself is a thrilling experience, but if you throw in the mix the ease and comfort of internet it becomes something on the next level. Online gambling also pays tribute to many traditional game elements. Known, as gamification it has really upped the way casino games are made. Meaning, that the crossover for players is easier than ever before. Live casino games are a prime example of this.

    What is live casino?

    Live casino games are live streamed casino games featuring a real life dealer. Produced in studios, live casino games offer a more personal experience. It is the closest thing players can get to a land based casino. During live casino games players can also interact with other players as well as the dealer.

    For players, it offers an entirely new casino gaming experience. It lets you place bets in real time which keeps you on your toes and no matter if you win or lose – it has you coming back for more. More and more software providers are expanding the games available. Meaning that players will soon have endless choices.

    Like everything, live casino does have its pros and cons. All are listed below, so you can be the judge of whether or not live casino games are for you.


    • Availability – When you play live casino via internet you can play it from anywhere and at any time. You don’t even have to worry about leaving the house. If you live far from a casino this might be just the thing for you. It does not require for you to leave the comforts of your favourite environment and / or restrict you within a time frame. You feel like gambling at 6 in the morning? Go right ahead. There’s nothing stopping you from doing it!
    • Real time gaming – Although the whole gaming on the internet thing seems like it is a bunch of software to compensate for the real thing – it is not. It is just as real as the traditional method of casino. It lets you place bets in real time where you are interacting with a real dealer and the thrill that you get while gambling face to face at a casino is just as much authentic with the live casino experience. Think of it as a substitute for yourself that will go to the casino instead of you but the whole gaming experience will be yours to have instead.
    • Safety and Privacy – The system of live casino gaming gives you complete privacy as you don’t have to ever reveal your identity to strangers. The high tech software protects your personal information with utmost sincerity so that you are not at the risk of exposing your vulnerable spots to unknown people. You never even have to show your face to anyone. The fact that you do not have to be physically presents at the situation shields you from a lot of dangerous situations that could escalate to cause you serious harm. This is also great for people who are wary of social interactions or face social / behavioral issues.


    • Limited Options – The live casino gaming does not offer many options game wise as compared to the land based casinos as there is not as much room for multiple sorts of games to offer the players. This is not much of a con but it may be unnerving to some people.
    • The Setting – The setting of these live casino games are not the same as land based full – fledged casinos in the middle of the light sparked markets. These games are shot in a studio so chances are that they might throw you off balance in terms of the ambience.
    • Technical Errors – It’s no secret that the more complicated a piece of technology is the more are the chances of it causing glitches and showing errors. Same is the case with live casino gaming, the software might drag or give you trouble with access. 

    These are all the pros and cons of live casino gaming. Like everything, there a further developments needed. However, in terms of creating a great casino experience in your home, it’s there. Currently, live casino games are the closest you can get to a land casino from your home. In the future, who knows what the possibilities are?


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