Getting Around the Jargon of Mobile Casinos

    If you’re new to playing on mobile casinos, then you may have trouble getting around all of the jargon. We’re here to clear up all of the jargon and make it much easier for you to understand the terminology of these online destinations.


    This is a kind of mobile site that scales down to match the device you’re using, without the need to download anything. This is a common term to encounter as many sites and players opt to use this technology. There are some pros and cons to using this tech over an app, but you simply can’t beat the speed and ease of use.

    Wagering Requirements

    If you claim a bonus from a mobile casino, then wagering requirements may apply to whatever bonus you’ve claimed. These terms basically mean how many times you have to wager through your bonus funds before they become real cash. Be aware, you can complain about sites that misrepresent these terms to the Advertising Standards Agency.

    Mobile Payments

    To make things easier for players, you can pay using your mobile phone bill. This is displayed on sites as mobile payments, which means you can add in your phone number and then you can authorise the payment from there.

    With this payment method, you can add the amount of the deposit right onto your phone bill, so no one gets to see your details. You can read more about mobile phone payments here if you want to learn more about using them.

    Wild Symbol

    A staple in many slot games, a wild symbol is one that takes the place of all others on the reels. This is a helpful symbol for players, as they are able to use it to win more frequently on the game. It’s will usually be quite easy to spot, as the developers of the game will want you to know which one it is.

    Within these symbols, there can be different elements to take into account, like expanding wilds or one that give you an additional spins on the wheel for free. This is a favourite symbol among gamblers.

    Return to Player

    This statistic is common in online casinos, as legally they have to tell you what you can expect from the game. This is a statistic that refers to the average you can expect to win from the game, when all wins and losses are accounted for. You want this percentage to be as high as possible, as this will present a winning game to you.

    Progressive Jackpot

    This kind of jackpot is generated by every player on the game, with a percentage of every bet being added to the action. These can end up being absolutely massive jackpots, which will be sure to delight any player taking part. Some games can even have more than one progressive jackpot, which makes for an even more exciting win.


    Each casino offers its own depositing options. Some casinos will provide PayPal as such an option. PayPal is an online payment system which is popular. If this is a rpefered method, you’ll want to locate a PayPal Casino online.


    Legally, all operators within the UK have to be licenced by the UK Gambling Commission, who make sure that every site is safe and secure to play on. You can check the licence of a site just by clicking on it at the bottom of their homepage.

    It’s all to play for with mobile casinos and we hope that our guide will help you to understand hem more fully.


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