Gambling as a Cultural Asset

In all parts of the world inhabited by human beings, there are different activities people engage in and places they usually visit to get away from the kind of life they lead. Such places and activities bring people with different views together because it’s in our nature to seek entertainment and leisure in our environment. We visit places like museums to connect with our origin and art, we go to theaters to celebrate the present while acknowledging our history, and we frequently or annually engage in all sorts of festivity to celebrate ourselves and everyone connected to the life we’ve been given. These activities and the places we visit hold sentimental value to us because they are part of our culture. In spite of constant unflattering reviews and reservations by a few groups of people, gambling is a popular activity all over the world. Gambling is clearly not for everyone and the opposition can make a compelling argument against it. However, advancements in technologies have created more sophisticated platforms such as for gambling activities. Also, the economic growth through government taxes on online and land-based casinos have largely contributed to a positive change in public perception about gambling.

What makes a casino a cultural asset?

Culture in many forms provides a platform for artistic expression of creative people. In the digital age, it has been commercialized in different ways so much that it generates revenues for society, launches lucrative careers, and in a way makes sure that tradition and history aren’t forgotten in the new era. Using the aforementioned attributes as a reference point to determine what makes a thing a cultural asset, casinos tick all the boxes. This is because in its core, it’s all about entertainment and financial freedom if its products are consumed responsibly. In this regard, there are regulatory authorities that are tasked to enforce social responsibility of all casinos.

In the west, especially in countries like the United States and the UK, there are places that became tourist attractions because they had casinos. A perfect example is Las Vegas, a very popular city known for its bright lights and entertainment – rightly termed the Vegas experience. And at the center of it all are casinos built to make a stroll through the city that doesn’t sleep feel like an excursion inside a giant disco ball.

Casino culture as a theme in the Movie Business

Storylines and screenplay of many action and spy movies have been greatly influenced by what casinos represent to different narrators and filmmakers. The documented history of the tumultuous relationship between casino and crime is a rich well of information for screenwriters. There are scenes in many films where casinos are depicted as venues for violence or criminal activities. Poker and other card games have been featured in movies and also in literature. Even a Bond movie was named Casino Royale. Popular heist movies and TV Shows have all incorporated casino culture in their plots and the decision on filming sites over the years.

Gambling has evolved with time just like every other asset of our culture. From being negatively perceived and banned by authorities to becoming an acceptable recreational activity that isn’t secluded to the wealthy and famous but to all. Digitization of gambling activities have made gambling very easy to do without interfering with daily routine. Mobile technology and Blockchain technology have taken virtual gambling to a whole new level.

Furthermore, casinos have also been highlighted in popular music. Every year there is either a popular song about casinos or a music video shot in a casino. The iconic and legendary American musician, Elvis Presley sang Viva Las Vegas – a tune that pop culture will never forget.

In a nutshell, gambling is undoubtedly a cultural asset that has survived civilization and even on the forefront with lucrative businesses that have adopted digitization. There’s no denying the positive impact it has had in our society when it is practiced responsibly.

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