F1 Betting: What can You Bet On?

When it comes to motorsport, F1 racing definitely takes the cup. These races are loved by many viewers around the world. So much such that children look up at the drivers and wish to be like them one day. However, that is not the core of the matter today as want to focus on the money side. That is where to place your real money bets in F1.

Types of F1 Betting Options

Real money bets are the most exciting part of any sport but make sure you bet at the best casino online. That is because real money always adds that extra thrill to the sport. In F1 racing there are several places where one can place their real money bets.

F1 Driver Championship Odds

For starters, as a punter, one can place their bet on the Driver Championship. This bet is placed on the driver who the punter thinks will accumulate the most points. This is just placing a bet on online roulette at www.ausportsbetting.org. Where you place a bet on a number and wait for the wheels to spin. The only difference being that you placing a bet on a driver behind the wheel.

F1 Conductors Odds

The Conductors bet is placed on the team that accumulates the most points at the end of the season. This is called the Conductors Championship and if a better selects the correct team, they win the bet.

F1 any Race Podium Finish Bet

This is also another type of bet that a punter can place in F1. Unlike the latter, where the prize is claimed at the end of the season, this bet is claimed after the race. That is to say, the best are placed before the race on any driver that you think you win. If are right, you collect your real money prize at the end of the race.

Other F1 Bets

These are but a few of the F1 betting options. Other bets include Pole Position; Fastest Lap to mention but a few.

There is a common saying that goes, “there is more than one way to skin a cat”. In context, there is more than one way to win real money rewards with F1.

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