Console Gamers Love Simplicity: Does that make VR and 4K a Headache?

    One of the key ingredients that has helped make console gaming so successful is simplicity. With that said, all of this talk about 4K gaming and even VR could actually result in confusion – something console gamers hate. PC gamers are often considered to be a different crowed, they gain great enjoyment from regular hardware upgrades, they also love to make fun of console owners, as their rigs out-perform them.

    Firstly, if PC gaming is the best thing around, then why are console sales soaring? Certainly a valid question to be asked. Well, as stated, simplicity plays a major role. That isn’t all, however, it’s perhaps the knowledge that your friends and foes who are your allies and opponents in games don’t actually have an upper advantage based on the hardware they own. What’s more, many exclusive titles are released alongside a console to help attract more to the system. Can the same be said for PC gamers? Yes. But the incentive isn’t the same – example, Nintendo.

    With this all said, simplicity is probably now in question for many PS4 and XBOX One owners. Movement towards a 4K environment, not to mention VR, are probably creating some confusion. Questions arise such as:

    Will the PS4 Pro work with my 1080p TV?
    Which TV is best for the PS4 Pro?
    Will I be trading lag for resolution?
    I have $400 to spend, should I get PS VR or the PS4 Pro, wait for the Scorpio, or spend on games?
    Should I go with the Xbox Scorpio or the PS4 Pro?
    Should I just stick to what I’ve got and spend my money on games?

    Just a few questions that are possibly within the mindset of a typical console gamer. Entering into 4K gaming might be expensive, but will it be worth it? Let’s say this; if you already own a 4K TV, then you’re probably already lacking in quality content – and so, buying a PS4 Pro would make perfect sense. If you don’t own a 4K TV and have no desire to do so, then, of course, stick with what you have. Those who are neutral should consider a few questions.

    Many, for now, will probably opt to stick with what they have – why? Because it’s simple. Seeing a game in 4K is awesome, of course, but unless you’ve got an expensive 4K TV (one that can achieve 60fps), you’ll be trading lag for pixels. Basically, until 4K becomes clear (plug and play), cheap and understandable for the end user, it could be a costly affair and a road the average console gamer isn’t willing to travel down.


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