How to Check if an Online Casino is Legit

    There’s no doubt that money gaming adds a whole new level of challenge and interest to playing games online, especially when there’s the lure of hard cash to draw you in.

    But how do you ensure that the online casino site you’re using is safe? Can you be sure that once you part with your hard-earned money you’re going to get a timely payout, or even a payout at all? And how can you check whether your personal details aren’t going to be passed on to all and sundry?

    Making sure that you’re playing with a reputable online casino is important; not just because you want to know that you’re part of a secure and legitimate site, but because the best sites have invested considerable amounts of money to create the best customer experience by offering the best games, huge welcome bonuses, free slot spins, fun promotions, speedy pay-outs and great customer support.

    For instance, we can have a look at canadian websites as their gambling market is the largest on the internet. Of course, it’s easier to find best online casino Canada websites which already have a good reputation by checking out ratings and reviews that tells you at a glance which are the top sites in that region.
    But what about new sites that have suddenly appeared on the web? Here’s our rundown on what to look for to make an informed decision.

    How long has the site been going and where are they registered?

    One of the first things to find out is how long the site has been in operation. You may also want to check the site’s registration and permit, and cross-reference this with related government agencies if you have any concerns.

    Are they active on the stock exchange?

    One good way to tell if a site is legit or not is to see whether they’re active on the stock exchange. While this may seem a strange way to qualify a money gaming site, it shows that you’re going to be playing with a professional casino where your funds will be safe.

    Being listed on the stock exchange means that the company must adhere to the legislation and regulations of the exchange that have been put in place by the local government.

    What is the site’s percentage pay-out?

    You’ll also want to know their percentage pay-out. You won’t want to be giving a site your money if there’s a really high chance that you’ll never see any of it again.

    Some casinos just throw figures into the air, a bit like a slot machine, while legitimate sites will have their figures confirmed by an exterior assessor.

    How quickly and easily do they pay out?

    Find out how easy it is to get your pay-out. Check the average payment time and what kind of withdrawal methods they offer. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to hear about sites that delay payments.

    Often this is not because they have no intention to pay you your winnings; it’s simply a psychological ploy to encourage you to invest your winnings back into the casino.

    But don’t worry; you don’t have to be a private investigator to play online slots

    If all of this sounds like too much work for you, we have an easier way for you to ensure that your chosen site is legit. The easiest way is simply to consult the independent online rating sites that have done all the work for you.

    They’re constantly updating their information based on the above criteria, and they cover all other important criteria including customer satisfaction and games available.


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