Casimoose Launched in Canada

    The Canadian online gambling industry is growing. More Canadians are delving into online gambling and betting companies are establishing more online casinos to meet the demands of players. With the way the industry is going, there is a very important need to analyze the actions of online casinos. The latter are out to make profits, it’s a business industry after all. Knowing this, we need to be careful in believing their offers.

    One way to put them in check is by making all their actions, policies and other necessary information public. We cannot trust what a company says as they often downplay certain things. is a Canadian online casino comparison website that gives Canadian gamblers information about the various online casinos. The website was recently established in October 2020. We will be discussing other details about this website.

    Casimoose Is Made Up of Industry Experts has a vision of protecting the interest of Canadian gamblers and bringing credibility to the Canadian online casino industry. This is no easy feat and it is not a task for the average person. This is why involved a team of experts. These experts are professional analysts who have in depth knowledge of gambling. They put in maximum efforts into gathering facts through adequate research. They also use these facts to help guide players on which casinos to choose.

    It’s worthy of note that the experts working with do not just gather information about old and long existing casinos. They understand that the growth of the Canadian online casino industry means more online casinos will be established. To this effect, they ensure to gather some information about new casinos as they emerge.

    The sources of information determine their authenticity. That’s why the site does not leave anything to chance when sourcing for information. They assemble statistics from multiple sources, and these include official information from the casinosfeedback from gamblers who have already played at these online casinos and online reviews.

    What makes Special?

    You might think that the answer to this question has been given above. However, the experts and their efforts are not the only thing that makes special. Another important factor worthy of note what it does with the information it gathers.

    The website publishes every information it gets on the type of games available, the RTP value of such games, the house rules of these casinos, information about their licensing, their payment gateways and so on. will also help you identify illegal casinos not operating within the dictates of the law. In fact, the website does not hesitate to call out illegal or fraudulent casinos and warns Canadian players against such casinos.

    Many casinos usually hide certain terms and conditions attached to certain bonuses. For example, online casinos will state that “you get up to 5000 CAD upon registration” which is not true. It is when you sign up that you will realize that the casino is only doubling your first deposit up to 2500 CAD. Information such as these are very important and can help protect Canadian gamblers.

    Also, some online casino’s claim to be “no deposit casinos” where you get to win real money. It is when you make an attempt to get free spins that you will discover that you have to meet certain demands like sharing a link to people or something else. Although this may not involve money, it still shows that some online casinos are not straightforward. And that is why a casino comparison site like comes in handy.

    Not All Online Casinos Make the Cut uses a very transparent method when ranking online casinos. They list out the various criteria and show how well these casinos performed against each other. Some of these criteria are more important than others. After this intense screening, some online casinos do not make the cut. Below are some of these criteria considered by the website:


    This is the foremost criteria any Canadian online casino must have before it can be considered for ratings. It must be licensed by the authorities to provide online gambling services.


    This includes the type, amount and RTP of the games available in an online casino. Online casinos need to have a wide variety of games and these games must have good return to player value.

    Payout System

    Even though some gamble just for fun, the essence of playing is to win. Casimoose understands the importance of playing at an online casino with a good method of payment. The payout system must be hassle-free. Also, the casino must have multiple payment gateways and must pay players when they win.

    Casimoose uses other criteria like bonus offered and many others when ranking. Only online casinos who meet these criteria appear on the list.

    What Features are Available on Casimoose. ca?

    So far, we have discussed one of the features of and that is ranking. This website offers many other features as you will find out now. Besides ranking the casinos, the website provides you with information on other aspects of the online casino industry in Canada. We give you accurate details on bonuses like free spins and no deposit casinos. We also give you information on free casinos.

    You should know that free casinos are different from no deposit casinos. While the former does not offer any monetary reward, the latter are casinos that offer you free spins to make money. Casimoose also gives you updates on the various casino games. We give reviews on new and existing games. You will also get information on how these games are played. Online casino software reviews and changes in software such as Microgaming, Netent and Playtech are available on the website.

    Casimoose also gives you financial tips regarding payouts. We provide information on the payment gateways that support most online casinos in Canada.

    The Team Behind Casimoose

    Casimoose has a team of gambling experts. We have talked about what these experts do but have not really discussed the experts themselves. In this subsection, we will be meeting the experts and partners that make up the team.

    The team consists of Kayleigh Williams (CW), Hunter Wilson (CW) and Charlotte Fitzgerald (Editor). Kayleigh is an outstanding copywriter who has loads of experience reviewing online casinos. Hunter is a copywriter and a professional poker player. He has played numerous games of blackjack, baccarat and roulette. So it’s safe to say that he has experience about casinos.

    Charlotte, on the other hand, is an editor who has eight years of experience working in the gambling industry. She has done great at her previous workplaces, and we are certain she will properly manage the team. Our official partners include Netent, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming and PlaynGo.

    Casimoose. ca is an Advocate of Safe Gambling

    The thrill of gambling is something every gambler enjoys. That moment when you are holding your breath while waiting for the slot machine, or roulette to stop or that point you are waiting for the croupier to flip the cards. These feelings are indescribable as well as the joy of winning. However, it can quickly become addicting.

    This is why we always advise players to gamble responsibly. Know when to stop, it does not matter if you are on a losing or winning streak. Do not gamble with the money you have set aside for a project with the hope of doubling it. Avoid playing at fraudulent or illegal casinos no matter how juicy their offer look. If you want to take up full time, avoid games of luck such as lotteries. Instead, engage in games of skills such as blackjacks. Luck is not a skill or a good approach to gaming if you want to gamble professionally.

    On the addictive aspects of gambling, gamblers are advised to be watchful of their behaviors. If you notice that you are developing a compulsive gambling behavior, you are advised to seek help from a gambling help agency. Online casinos are also advised to register and get licensed. They should also ensure that people below the legal age are restricted from gambling.


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