Can one play online slots and bingo on a single platform?

    The other day, we had a crazy thought – “I wonder if one can play online (online spielen) slots and bingo on a single platform”? It really did seem like a silly idea at the time, so imagine our astonishment when it turns out that other people were interested – make a deposit and play Piggy Pirates today.

    So, can one play online slots and bingo on a single platform, or will this remain a dream forever? Let’s find out, we’ll be looking at:

    –        Whether you can play slots and bingo on the same platforms

    –        Whether you can play slots and bingo within the same game

    –        How to play Slingo

    Slots and Bingo Platforms

    Back in the old days, online casino games tended to have their own dedicated websites. You’d use one website to play poker, one website to play bingo, and one website to play slots. After a while, online casino games became a little more universal resulting in all manner of casino games being listed on each platform, but bingo was slower than the others. Bingo has remained a game that you must visit specific websites to play for many years, but this has finally changed! These days, you can sign up to just about any online casino website, and they will be able to provide you bingo, slots, and other casino games, all within the same platform. We’re a great fan of this, it’s much more convenient. It’s also got us wondering – has there ever been a casino game that combines elements of both bingo and slots? Let’s investigate.

    Slingo: Myth or Real?

    Imagine this scenario – you’d like to get your online slots and bingo fix, but you only have ten minutes to spare. Wouldn’t it be fantastic if there was a way to combine them? Well, believe it or not there really is, and it’s called Slingo. With Slingo, not only can you play slots and bingo within the same platform, but you can play them both at the exact same time! The game works something like this:

    –        You’ll be given a bingo card of numbers to match, as you’d expect from Bingo.

    –        Instead of matching these numbers when the caller shouts them out, you’ll instead be spinning for them on slots!

    –        Match certain numbers on a slot spin, and the number will be removed from you card. Continue until you can shout “Slingo!” and hit the jackpot.

    It really does sound nuts, but let’s be honest – we live in nuts times when just about anything is possible. Slingo is a truly fantastic way to play if you’re a fan of the gaming elements of both bingo and slots. It’s a whole lot better than playing them separately on the same platform!

    The Verdict

    So there you have it – not only can you play slots and bingo on the same platform, but you can play them at the same time within a combination game called Slingo! It really is worth a go as it’s super convenient, action-packed and time efficient. Just please remember to think about this article when you are the one screaming “SLINGO!”


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