Best Games for Mobiles and PC

    Playing games is still a very popular pastime, whether you are a fan of the latest consoles or prefer to get the best games for mobile and PC. Of course, the advantage of mobile games is that you can take them anywhere you go provided you have a 4G or 5G Internet connection. Another reason why PC and mobile games are popular is that you tend already to have that piece of hardware in your home. If you were to simply play console games, you would need to purchase the console itself, and the latest offerings from all the big companies are quite expensive. Most people already have a PC or laptop and or phone for their daily life.

    Getting Games

    Whether you are going to use your mobile phone or whether you prefer to play on your desktop, getting games is relatively easy. Mobile games are widely available in the App Store, whether you use Google Play or the Apple App Store. Some games can even be played in the Internet browser on your phone. With the PC you have a similar concept, you can download games from various places. You can also get games available on DVD and CD depending on what you’re looking for. There’s a wide range of accessories available including virtual reality headsets, gaming chairs, speakers and more. There is also a wide range of online casino games and slot machines as well as bingo and other popular favourites. The price you have to pay for each game will vary, there are plenty of free games available on the App Store, whereas casino games tend to be chargeable because you can win money. 

    Adventure Games

    There is a wide range of adventure games on offer, where you are playing as part of an ongoing Storey or saga. These are popular with some people, and sometimes called LARP games, live-action role-play, and this includes vast brands like World of Warcraft. Some of these adventure games are free to play initially, but your progress throughout the fantasy worlds will depend on whether you’re prepared to spend money on upgrades or simply want to play to the limits of a free game. Adventure games are becoming available in augmented reality and virtual reality with the latter being immersive once you put on the headset you step into the world of the game which is running through your PC and is displayed in your virtual reality headset. 

    Puzzle Games

    Puzzle games are popular among mobile phone users; there is a massive range available from word games two logic, colour matching and more. These tend to be simple to play and are a great way to pass the time if you are commuting or waiting for an appointment. Again, there are many games where the essential play is free, but you can purchase upgrades if you desire. If you are downloading these games for a child to play you may want to make sure that any enhancements have to be authorised by the phone bill payer otherwise you could be in for a nasty shock. Many of them automatically connect to the App Store from which you got the game to take payment, so you need to make sure you have turned off autopay. There are plenty of different puzzle games with word searches, crosswords, sudoku, and many new inventions being released all the time. 

    Pokémon Go

    Pokémon Go is an excellent example of an augmented reality game, based on the popular TV show and many spin-off games that have arisen from it, this time you will require an up to date mobile that can handle augmented reality. Once the game is loaded, you look at your phone screens through the camera and see the world around you as it really is. The game part then inserts characters into your surroundings, and in this case with Pokémon generally, you have to catch the Pokémon, and then train them to perform various missions. The jury is out as to whether this is a good way to get children outside exercising, because Conversely, they will be staring at their mobile phone screen and may not be aware of their surroundings and walk out into a road for example. Augmented reality is still relatively new, and there are certainly more exciting things to come from this genre of game. Of course, it can also be played inside, but it is more limiting as there are fewer surroundings. 

    Sports Games 

    You’ll also find a wide range of sport-based games available for both mobiles and the PC. Whether you like baseball, basketball, football or any other sport. Some games offer cross-platform playing, which means that you can join friends who have consoles, and all play together. Many games are now multiplayer, so you can also link up with other friends or strangers playing on the Internet.


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