Best Casino Movies Ever Released

    There’s something inherently glamourous about casinos. Oftentimes, they conjure up images of old Hollywood movies with the dashing leading man waltzing into a casino and looking fabulous while doing it. Besides the ambiance, a place where people gamble obviously has great potential for an interesting story.

    This is why casinos have been featured in some of the greatest and most acclaimed movies of all time. If you’re looking to watch a casino movie right before hitting BestUK Casino, you’re in luck. It’s impossible to list all the movies that have been made that center around or are set in a casino, but here are some of the best Casino movies ever released.

    1. Casino Royale: An international secret agent at a fabulous casino in Montenegro, what could be better? Casino Royale marked Daniel Craig’s first entry as the world-famous agent James Bond and was one for the history books.

    The movie features everything we’ve come to love from the Bond franchise including high-action stunts, fabulous locations, a beautiful Bond girl in Person of Eva Green, and a plot with more twists and turns than we could handle. Casino Royale shows why casinos are so famous in movies because it was central to the plot and served several nerve-wracking moments for the famous super-spy and the audience alike.

    1. Ocean’s 11: What’s more exciting than casinos? What about casinos and robbery? These were some of the big elements behind the 2001 movie Ocean’s 11 that saw the character of Danny Ocean conjure up the plot to rob a casino owner in Las Vegas with his crew.

    The movie featured an ensemble cast of George Clooney, Julia Roberts, Matt Damon, and the host of others. it went on to be one of the highest-grossing movies of 2001 and for good reason. The movie is as high-stakes as it gets and features several iconic casinos such as the Bellagio in Las Vegas. ultimately Kama Ocean’s 11 is about more than just casinos but also so gives a nod to friendship and classic heist movies.

    1. Molly’s Game: Based on the 2014 biography of the same name, Molly’s game follows Molly Bloom a real-life person who had run an underground poker ring for the elite. Bloom comes under investigation by the FBI and this is where things really take a turn.

    Upon its release, Molly’s Game was critically acclaimed and even earn several Oscar nominations, with Jessica Chastain in the titular role winning a Golden Globe Award for her performance. Molly’s Game is interesting in that mirrors real-life events while still maintaining the fantastical nature of casinos and gambling.

    1.  Showgirls: It is not strictly about casinos, so much of its run time is set in a casino or some other establishment in Vegas. Following the character of Nomi, the movie shows the meteoric rise of a drifter who set her sights on the bright lights of Sin City. While it was critically panned upon its release, it has since seen a cult following.

    Looking for a fun casino-themed flick for a movie night with friends or simply to get in the mood for online gambling? Try out some of the entries above.


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