Best Card Games to Play on the Go

Card games are one of the most historically relevant games on the planet, dating back thousands of years. Originally you would need papyrus, then it was the pack of cards, but now you don’t need neither as all you need is your smartphone. With hundreds of card games available at the touch of a button, what are the best ones to be playing today? Here are the favourites to entertain, kill some time and possibly win you some money.

Classic Blackjack

Blackjack is one card game that cannot be missed off this list. Also known as 21, Blackjack is widely available at many online casinos, even at . In Classic Blackjack you will play the original game, without the interruptions of some of the modern versions that use cartoon imagery etc. This is the pure game, where you battle against the dealer to reach 21. This fast paced game relies as much upon strategy as it does upon speed, making it the perfect choice for short commutes and for those of you that want to play for free. If you don’t know the rules of the game, then it is advisable to begin with playing for free and work up to real money games.

The pay outs for this classic blackjack game are very good, with even money being paid out for all winning hands. It’s great way to pass the time, especially if you win big, too.

Solitaire Deluxe

Remember the days when your new mobile came equipped with solitaire built in? Hours of fun were had playing this simple game. Well don’t despair as you can still get your hands on it, with a new modern look and extra levels. There are many versions of the games available to download, but Solitaire Deluxe is one that simply cannot be missed. It offers you the chance to play this classic game in 16 different ways. This is a solo game but with so many variations on the classic, that it is worth every minute of play.

The full app offers you the chance to learn how to play the game in many different ways; yes there are more ways than one to play this game. This can be every way from Spider Solitaire through to Klondike. Each is taught through interactive tutorials – just making your overall experience better.

Texas Hold’em

If you are a massive fan of Poker, then this is the app for you. This is a comprehensive and in depth app that allows you to play this classic game as well as teaching you all about the strategies. The mode for learning the basics of the game is perfect for novices; it even offers you the chance to take a quiz at the end. This way, at least you know you are less likely to lose your virtual money.

As for the actual poker matches you will not only get the action packed games you deserve, but equally you will get the chance to see your opponents statistics. You might also wish finding bingo sites to play on, as they deliver a similar experience, but with a smaller overall cost to the player. This way you can watch out for their bluffs and try to anticipate their next moves. This is the one app mentioned here that also offers you the chance to play against friends using your Bluetooth; this will certainly make your lunch break all the more exciting.


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