Author Guidelines

We don’t like to set down the law too heavily when it comes to guidelines, with that said, however, we do have some simple areas that you should take note of. Here we list the basics that you must abide by as a GamerBolt author.

  • Whilst we do allow you to place outbound links, ensure they’re to do with the topic at hand.
  • Ensure you proof read your content before submitting.
  • The bare minim of your content should be 500 words or more, we aren’t interested in a couple of paragraphs, our readers deserve a lengthy and enjoyable read.
  • Providing your own screenshots is preferred, so consider this when submitting your content.
  • GamerBolt stands by the right to edit, remove and alter your content.
  • Is the topic you’re about to write about already covered? It probably isn’t, but worth checking anyway.

That’s all folks. Follow this simple guidelines and you’ll be appreciated by us and our readers.