7 Things that you can do Online to Avoid Boredom

Even though there are so many accessible and handy things available to us these days, but nothing can beat some online sources of utilizing your free time in an interesting and productive way. There is really too much to look and learn on the Internet these days that not only helps to avoid boredom but also leads to overall development of a person. Literally whole day can be spent browsing new things on internet. Want some ideas and online activities to enjoy? Well you have come to the right medium. The possibilities really are endless, here are some ideas that could keep you entertained and busy for hours.

  1. Reading online novels or self development books: Boredom doesn’t mean you should distract yourself with the useless content on the web, try expanding your knowledge by making use of thought provoking eBooks, novels, blogs etc. There is handful of sites to read and download free eBooks. If you love it you will never get out of new material. Read classic books online for free at Planet eBook, Project Gutenberg, Open Library etc.
  2. Watch out educational videos: The thousands of educational videos can be found streaming at TED.com, Academic Earth, Vsauce etc. You can find video talks on a particular subject of your interest. Live streaming is catching on a lot more as a form of entertainment these days. You can tune in to watch a live event or to interact with some influential people who broadcast themselves.
  3. Smart Shopping: What else could be better than utilizing your free time for shopping and that too in reduced price. Researching about certain activities such as organizing & redeeming coupons, reading product labels and knowing where to buy certain products can lead to money saving. Paying a reduced amount for a particular item might lead to consumer’s satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment. Build a wish list and save it for later can also help in smart shopping.
  4. Play Online Games: You can play all kinds of games in browser these days primarily for fun. Free online games through Google, Wiki Game, GeoGuessr etc. can be the choice of fun lovers as well as adventurous people. Nevertheless, online games now days are the favourite time pass of children, yet young adults found it interesting too. If you like to pay online casino games you can visit genting casino promo code 2018 and get promo codes for various casino games. 
  5. Check in to Social Networking sites: Scrolling down your social media feeds for new updates. Getting new knowledge from the multiple pages on Facebook, sharing links and promoting your page and page updates. Snapchat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Tumbler, Flickr, Reddit, Whatsapp are some of the most interesting social networking sites you could enjoy and communicate with the people across the world.
  6. Write reviews for products: It would be very interesting for you if you have a keen observation and exploring things in depth. It provides opportunity to rate and comment on products that have been purchased so that other consumers can read these when making a purchase decision. You can talk about how the product grew on you, share experiences, list pros & cons of the product and provide alternatives. This can act as a reflective and contemplative time pass for you.
  7. Watching TV online: You can download certain apps and enjoy watching your favourite shows. Various original web series, reality shows, live sports, movies and live news according to your area of interest. The entire free internet TV you could get from Hulu, Voot Fox, NBC, Hot star, 360 daily etc.


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