5 Reasons Why Online Casino Games Are Increasing In Popularity

    Way back in 1994, anyone who wanted to play a casino game had to make the effort to travel to a local venue. For many people, this was a really big deal. It involved dressing up smart, getting into a car or taxi and making a special journey to an exclusive venue, sometimes in another town. Then there was all the casino protocol to learn.

    Once there, they could settle down for a night at the tables with like-minded souls and wager until the early hours of the morning before making the long journey home again. How times have changed.

    When thinking about how casinos used to operate, it is no surprise that online casinos have surged in popularity. But it took a while. People are often resistant to change and despite the first online casino appearing in 1994, it wasn’t until a decade later they really started to take off.

    Since then, a new generation of players have grown up in a very different world. And to them, the old school habit of visiting a casino must seem like an incredible amount of effort for something you can do just by taking your phone out of your pocket.

    Today, online casinos are more popular than ever as players continue to favour playing from the comfort of their armchair or on the go. Traditional casinos still exist, but a large number of modern gamers will never visit one in their life or will only do so on a holiday or special occasion.

    Here are just five reasons why online casinos are still growing in popularity.

    Promotions, offers and bonuses

    The great thing about online casinos is that there are so many to choose from and they all want your business. This means new players get offered welcome bonuses for joining. Welcome bonuses can take many forms, but essentially they consist of incentives that give you extra chances of winning.

    You might get cashback, free bets or free spins on a roulette wheel, the possibilities are endless. There are usually a few strings attached; for example, you might have to wager a certain amount to access your bonus, but for anyone who is looking to bet on a regular basis, the requirements are generally reasonable.

    More choice than ever before

    The choice of gaming tables in traditional casinos has hardly ever changed, with the cost of introducing new variations seen as too costly and too risky. What’s more, there is only so much you can do with limited physical space. Online casinos don’t have this problem. If you like a particular game, the chances are you will have multiple versions to choose from online. You can choose a virtual game powered by artificial intelligence or you can opt to play with a live dealer and interact as you play. And there are plenty of online casino reviews to help you find the best online casino.

    If you head to the video slots suite, the choice of title is enormous. And there are themes to suit all tastes. Whether you like super heroes, Game of Thrones, ancient history or rock music, you will find a slot machine that caters to your taste. And within every game, the range of features and wagering options is bigger than ever before. Thanks to ongoing development and cutting edge software, video casino games are evolving on a daily basis.

    Wagering on the go

    Let’s face it, smartphones have changed the face of many industries, but perhaps none more so than the world of gaming. Being able to play games, wager and conduct social activities all from one device is now the norm. And all these elements have now been combined through social features. Gamers can visit chat rooms, talk to other players and compete against friends wherever they are in the world. Think online gaming means playing alone? Think again.

    VIP treatment

    Bonus features are just the start of the special offers you might receive as a regular online casino player. Ongoing bonuses for existing customers are becoming more common and VIP clubs for high rollers are now available at most top casino sites. To get access to VIP services you might have to wager over a certain amount, either in total or over a set time period. In most cases, the more you bet, the higher your VIP ranking and the more rewards and offers become available to you.

    Features included exclusive games, invites to top sporting events and the chance to win a range of prizes including luxury holidays. You can even attend social events and meet up with other VIP players. More and more players can expect the red carpet treatment in the coming years.


    Casino game developers are always looking to improve the gaming experience. In recent years, they have turned to traditional video games for inspiration. Features such as reaching milestones, beating end of level challenges and unlocking new levels are now common features in casino and slot games and this gamification is set to continue in the coming years.

    Online casinos were initially slow to embrace new technology, but now they stand at the cutting edge. As a result, the online casino experience is now more rewarding than ever before.


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