4 Types of Online Games That You Can Play during the Lockdown

    The year 2020 has been a really challenging year for us all. The Covid-19 has put us behind the bars in almost all the countries. Now that the situation of staying home is clear, it becomes necessary for us to spend some quality time at home. In this difficult scenario the online gaming has been a very important source of entertainment.

    The online games can improve our decision making, improve strategic aspect of our brain and it can also serve as a really good mental exercise. There are some unknown but important benefits that includes reduced stress, anxiety and positive effects on people who are suffering from addictions. Now the question is, what is there to explore on the internet. In this article we shall discuss some of the types that you should try.

    1. The Board Games

    You don’t need to be a tech-savvy to play the board games. We understand it is not possible to gather your friends during the lock down but hey you are lucky that you are in 21st century. Here the internet is packed with various solutions. There is an online version to every board out there. Simple send a link of the game to all your friends and get along with it. The best part is that most of them allow you to chat throughout the game.

    1. The online betting

    The sports betting is really a popular genre these days. There are millions of people all around the world that are betting on the irrespective favourite games. Betting industry has been the popular source of entertainment.  Even though a lot of sports events are cancelled due to COVID, there are football matches re-starting, as well as eSports, has increased interest from sports betting enthusiasts.  Even if you have a little knowledge, you can still place some small bets and have fun. Those who know the game inside out they are the ones who are having the real fun. In short this is a great combo of entertainment and fun.

    1. Arcade Games

    The arcade games are really simple and do not have deep story lines as most of the console games have. These games are some of the most widely played games all around the world. Over the tine they have evolved so much and offer a great deal of entertainment to everyone out there. They don’t really take long, they are easy, short and really fun.

    1. Card games

    Almost every country has a different version of a card game. the card games are really fun and it doesn’t really take long to get accustomed to them. There are many internationally acclaimed games that are widely played all around the globe. You can play with your friends or with bunch of completely strangers. They don’t put any stress to your eyes as they don’t involve fast movements so even enjoyed by old people.


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