3 «lucky» myths that won’t help you in the online casino, and one tip that could

    Lady Luck is a very unpredictable woman. For someone, she can smile every day, even every minute, and for others, she prefers not to notice at all.

    For decades, people have been searching for measures to help attract the popular lady’s attention, especially when playing in a regular online casino or popular casino slots.

    It’s not a secret that everyone wants to celebrate a big win and uses all means to achieve that goal.

    Let’s recall all mythical artifacts that could attract luck in a casino and try to understand why they are considered «lucky».

    The «special powers» of rabbits

    It’s all began with the Celts, who believed that rabbits (whole animals, not just their specific parts) could bring luck because they live underground, so, communicate with spirits and gods.

    Then the spiritual practice – Hoodoo – in North America had spread the myth that rabbit’s feet are lucky due to their fertile functions. From that time, the hunt for the random limbs had begun.

    Today you can buy rabbit’s foot online without doing any harm to the animal. But if you have no problems with the reproductive system, why do you need it?

    Horseshoe that conquered the Devil

    There is a pretty legend about the blacksmith Dunstan, who once came to Satan himself and ordered him to shoe his horse. The blacksmith, instead, nailed the horseshoe to the Devil’s foot. Satan was in such pain that he begged the man to take off the horseshoe. Dunstan agreed but under the condition that the Devil would avoid the houses with the horseshoes on the door from that time on.

    In case of a fight with the Great Evil, you need a horseshoe. But is it essential during the game in a casino? We don’t think so!

    7 is perfect, and 8 is prosperity

    We believe in the magical powers of these numbers, but why?

    The ancient Greeks considered 7 as «the perfect number» – this is the sum of a triangle (3) and a square (4), which are the perfect forms. And the ideal number not always can be lucky, right?

    And in China, number 8 sounds like the word «prosperity», so it’s also believed to be «lucky» in this country. About other countries, I’m not so sure.

    Always play responsibly

    Now we understand that the items mentioned above are insufficient for granting some confidence, so the owner of one of these artifacts won’t be afraid to make some severe move or make crucial decisions.

    Confidence is a good thing, but it becomes even better when combined with a clear mind.

    So, if you’re going to play slots in online casino, remember to stay cool!

    Calculate your time, money, and energy, and don’t lose your optimism. One day you’re losing, but on another one, you’re going to win.

    Always be cold-headed and always know when to stop the game.

    Don’t play to raise money. The game should fill you with joy, not with anger and will to win at any cost. Control your feelings and emotions.

    If you notice that luck is not by your side today, just quit, and don’t wait until you spend all your deposit.

    If luck is by your side, then understand when to leave the game, don’t chase for the big wins.

    In case of need, when you start to notice that you have some problems, use self-exclusion – close your account and forget about gambling for a while.

    If the situation worsens, you understand that you can’t quit the slots – then you should consult with the professionals by addressing the specialized organizations.

    Remember to stay calm and be patient, and Lady Luck will send you her beautiful smile.

    The Law regulates the rules, and you can always withdraw your wins.

    Just be responsible, and remember that the excellent gambler always listens to the voice of reason!


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