2018 the Year of the Movie

If you love movies, you need to find another thing to do. Really, try to take up taekwondo or playing real money online casino games. The movies that are lined up for this year will make you go crazy. 2018 is a year with wild week-on-week action at box office. Regardless what type of flick you like, the list of movies will blow you away. And if by some unforeseeable happening in the cosmos you are still new to movie watching then the only advice we can give you is, hold on! The fun this year is non-stop.

The Feast

The best way to divide the movie goodness that is in store in the year 2018 is to break it down into a 12-course meal. Each month is its own course and has many different flavours to create a complete dish. Naturally, you will have to navigate with caution because you do not want to get full before you get enough of that which you like most.

Starting from January right through to December there are great movies to watch all around. There is a mix of everything every month. The types of movies on offer to viewers might be more than the types of online gambling games available.

Sequels and prequels are not in short supply this year. Take time to go back in time and adventure with Tomb Raider before she was sexy Angelina Jolie. The Incredibles are also back at the movies to give animated superheroes a boost.

Remember that story that you loved so much, well in 2018 the story continues. Are you into cars? Then the Transformer franchise takes you back in time with the Bumble Bee movie. If you are more into nature and history then you can catch-up with what’s happening in that Jurassic world. And if monsters and goons are your thin, then set a reminder for the release of Hotel Transylvania 3. Want something a bit more adult-rated, then try the Predator.


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