10 Things You Did Not Know About Blackjack

    Many novice blackjack players are self-conscious about saying or doing the wrong thing when they play blackjack. They are afraid of putting themselves in an embarrassing situation or, worse, getting admonished by a dealer or chastised by a fellow player. 

    Although there are rules, there are also unwritten rules that you usually won’t find in casino brochures; over time, they have become the modus operandi for blackjack players. What follows are ten things you did not know about blackjack.

    1. You can play blackjack without betting

    Playing without betting sounds weird; why would you want to play without betting? Where’s the fun in that? Playing blackjack without betting is a handy tool, especially when you’re learning – something to consider before playing live blackjack, for example.

    If you’re new to the game and still trying to get the hang of the basic strategy, playing blackjack without betting allows you to play hands without putting any money on the line. This way, you can make mistakes and learn from them without losing any money.


    2. You don’t have to play every hand

    Not playing every hand is one of the most strategic things you need to know about blackjack. Just because you’re at a table doesn’t mean you have to play every hand.

    If you’re not feeling it or trying to save money, feel free to sit out a few hands. The dealer will be happy to deal you in when you’re ready to play again.


    3. You can ask to be dealt out

    If you want time-out from the action but don’t want to leave the table, you can always ask the dealer to deal you out. A deal-out means the dealer will not give you more cards for the rest of the hand. 

    You can still play your hand, but you’ll have to do it without help from the dealer.


    4. There’s no shame in taking a hit

    Taking a hit means asking the dealer for another card when needed. Many novice players are afraid to take hits because they think it makes them look weak or inexperienced.

    In reality, taking a hit is a perfectly normal and acceptable play. The only time you should be worried about taking a hit is when the dealer shows a face card (king, queen, jack, or ace).


    5. You don’t have to tip the dealer

    Tipping the dealer is not required, but it is appreciated. If you win a hand, you can tip the dealer by simply placing chips next to your bet. The dealer will usually scoop up the tip with the rest of the chips when they collect your wager.

    While you don’t have to tip, it’s rude not to, especially if you’re winning. Sometimes etiquette matters.


    6. You can touch your cards

    Players cannot handle their cards in some games, like poker. This is different in blackjack. You are free to hold your cards as you see fit. 

    Just be careful not to damage them or expose them to the dealer.


    7. You can’t play two hands at once

    Many novice players think they can play two hands at once, but this is not allowed. You can only bet on one hand at a time. If you want to play two hands, you’ll have to wait until the first hand is finished before you can play the second hand.

    Generally, you need to know what you’re doing; losing two hands will mean double the pain.


    8. You don’t have to play the perfect strategy

    Perfect blackjack strategy does exist, but you can play it differently to win money.

    Most players need to play a better system.

    They make small mistakes here and there that add up over time. If you can play close to perfect, you’ll still be ahead of most players.


    9. You can play for fun

    Not everyone who plays blackjack is trying to win money; some play for fun. Players looking for a distraction are not worried about making money; they just enjoy the game.

    If you’re playing for fun, feel free to make strategic errors. It doesn’t matter what happens; you’re just playing for fun.


    10. The house always wins in the long run

    The house winning 95% of the time is crucial to know about blackjack (or any casino game, for that matter). The house always has an edge, which means it will win in the long run.

    You can still win money; it just means you must be aware of the odds and play accordingly. Only play with what cash you can afford to lose, and never chase your losses.

    Blackjack is a fun and exciting game, but it’s important to remember that the house always has an edge. Play smart, and don’t let yourself get too caught up in the action.


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